What is The Wheelchair QB?

The Wheelchair QB is a platform created and maintained by Joey Pagano, originating in 2015. This Substack newsletter is an extension of the Pagano’s website, which was a blog and has now evolved into a portfolio.

Who is Joey Pagano?

Joey Pagano is a journalist, columnist and writer from Central New York. A graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, he recently obtained his masters degree in Cultural Foundations of Education and Disability Studies at Syracuse's School of Education.

Since graduating from the Newhouse School, he has worked as a guest columnist for Syracuse.com. He also has written for Yahoo Life and the Eagle Bulletin.

In his time as an undergrad at Syracuse, he wrote for The Daily Orange, covering everything from esports to race and gender to the arts. He also maintained a disability-centered column for The NewsHouse in his last semester, Spring 2021.

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Why subscribe?

Subscribers can expect a scorched-earth approach, where I interrogate current events to ask why we are where we are and how we arrived here, using personal and professional experiences and knowledge.

I am fair, but not impartial. Nobody is. With that said, this is a platform for independent analysis (independent from a political party, that is). One thing that subscribers can expect, however, is in-depth analysis of contemporary issues. Uncovering meaning is of the utmost importance to me, and I will strive to do so through my reporting, analysis, and commentary.


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In-depth analysis of contemporary issues, uncovering meaning through reporting, analysis, and commentary.